Finally! I managed to find someone to oversee all the different insurance coverage that my family have.

Met Ms Yeo Yi Qi 2 years ago but we only communicated through msges during the first year. She offered her services to summarise my family’s policies, even though none of the ones we had was under the company that she works for. At no charge. She claimed that her priority was to help people and not sell policies. (Sure or not???)

I was skeptical and wary of course but over time I agreed (to take advantage of her offer). And yes, she really did keep her word and helped to summarise all the different policies that we had. She even did a personal file for each of my family members. (See how cute my son is holding his file above;p)

Through her, I understand better the different coverages that are available in the market, and which coverage I want, or do not want to have for my family.

And if anything were to happen to me, my family would know to approach her for assistance.