My First Gastroscopy Experience

after gastroscopyYiqi pre gastroscopy

I was nauseous since June 2016 and have gone to polyclinic for treatment. The medicine was not helping and I was literally vomiting after every single meal. Even before my appointment with client, I always pray that the nausea will not stop me from getting my clients insured. Thankfully, I manage to go for my appointments, even though I was really uncomfortable while doing my proposal and presentation but I was very thankful as my clients were very understanding.

To be honest, I was super afraid the day before as I have never been admitted in hospital and I have never done any endoscopy before. Plus, I was afraid of needles.

Since I was little, I had to go to Singapore General Hospital every year for my blood test to be done as I have always been on the obese side. This went on from Primary One to Junior College Year Two. Over time, I had fear for needles.

I have no idea what Gastroscopy was about and so I decided to google about the procedure. To be honest, the online ‘research’ left me with mixed feelings as there were some horrific experience with Gastroscopy which I felt could be avoided if the person chose to be sedated.

Tip #1 – If possible, try not to google about the procedure. It will give you unnecessary fear.

I was due for Gastroscopy by the polyclinic referral at one of the clinic at Ang Mo Kio. Date scheduled was 22nd August 2016, which was one month plus away from my visit to the polyclinic.

The symptoms got worse and I decided to head to Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital as it was really affecting my daily routine. If I were to wait so long for the Gastroscopy to be done, Something small might become Something BIG. 

Tip #2 –  If you are unable to wait, do consider going for private hospital.

I decided to google to see which doctor I should engage to perform the Gastroscopy for me. I was spoilt for choices as Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital has a few specialists in this area.

Tip #3 – With Integrated Private Shield Plan, it allows you to choose your own doctor.

Tip #4 – For a public hospital, any doctor can be the one doing the Gastroscopy, including trainee doctors. This was told to me by a friend of mine who was working in the Endoscopy Centre of a Government Hospital. When I was in the room where the Gastroscopy is to be done, Dr Jarrod was just beside me.I even double checked with him if the Gastroscopy will be done by him or by someone else.

I decided to go with Dr Jarrod Lee Piao as I was super impressed by his background.


Check out this link:

When I met him, I was glad that I chose him. He was super cheerful and was patient in answering my queries. I knew I was in good hands. Before I went in for the Gastroscopy, an administrative staff, Irene, was telling me that Dr Jarrod is very gentle. True enough, I did not feel any discomfort in my stomach after the Gastroscopy. No sorethroat or bloating which were some of the symptoms that people face after Gastroscopy. Till now, I still cannot believe that it happened. Felt like a dream.

Before I went into the short stay ward, I had to go to the counter to register. Rosshidawati assisted me in the different payment methods and the administrative work that has to be done before the procedure. The whole process was fast and smooth. She advised me to retrieve my policy document details for a cashless process as I was insured for private hospital.

Tip #5 – Before heading to hospital, contact your financial adviser/life planner for the policy details.

gastroscopy meal

This was my meal after the Gastroscopy was done. Simple tuna sandwich with a hot milo. I finished the entire thing and it did not make me feel nauseous.

I went straight home after the Gastroscopy. The lady from Dr Jarrod’s clinic was super nice. She called me and reminded me to take my medicine when I reach home.

I will be meeting Dr Jarrod again as some of the tissues were extracted for laboratory tests.

Hopefully everything will turn out to be alright. For some reason, my stomach feels so much better now.

Thank you everyone for all the Get Well Wishes! I am truly blessed! Hope to get well soon so that I can help even more people get insured!

Have a lovely week ahead! ♥

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