Building our Dream Home Tip #1

Decided to blog about our journey building our dream home since it is also related to Money Matters.

Being a green horn in this, I really learnt a lot from my ID who is Lyn from Icon Interior Design. I met her a few years ago. When she brought me to her office at Macpherson Road one year ago, I have already decided to have her as my ID. She is very detailed and she really thinks on behalf of her clients. I can always trust her because she is super meticulous and seek for perfection. I have seen her works before and I am really impressed! You will definitely want your home to be in good hands. 

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Won a 43 inch tv while doing the Lucky Draw spin! 🙂

One important thing I have learnt during the planning process is that there are certain things which are usually not included in the quotation given by the interior designer.

  1. Lighting Accessories (eg. LED ceiling lights, track lights)
  2. Curtain Works (eg. Blinds or Curtains)
  3. Aircon Works (eg. Mitsubish, Daikin)
  4. Electrical Works (eg. installing of lights, relocating power points)

These can cost quite a lot. I would suggest setting aside about $15,000 or more for the above items.

I have came up with a list for the big ticket items required for my home.

  1. Refrigerator
  2. Television (One for Masterbedroom, One for Living Room)
  3. Cooker Hob and Hood
  4. Water Heater (Storage heater/Electrical heater/Gas heater)
  5. Washing Machine
  6. Ceiling Fans
  7. Sink and Tap (Kitchen)
  8. Bed Frame and Mattress
  9. Dining Table and Chairs
  10. Table to be placed in the Living Room
  11. Sofa
  12. Oven/Microwave Oven

If you are planning for your own home, you can add even more items into the list as well. Such as Steigen Automatic Laundry System, Eubiq Power Outlet System etc.

Assuming, a 4 room BTO with opt in HDB flooring, doors, sanitary fittings in both toilets.

Amount of money required = Renovation + Miscellaneous (Lighting Accessories,Curtain Works, Aircon Works,Electrical Works) + Furniture + Kitchen Appliances

If you did not opt in for the flooring, doors and sanitary fittings, you will have to add in cost of the floor tiles, doors, sanitary fittings etc into the equation above.

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Have a lovely week ahead! ❤