Working towards your dreams and goals

Recently I have read an article about the difference between Dream and Goal.

Dream – a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal

Goal – an aim or desired result

Everyone have their own dreams.

‘I dream that I will be rich.’

‘I dream that I will be slim.’

Dreaming will not bring about results but working towards a goal will.

Step 1 – Defining your dream and goal

For example,

(a)I want to save $1000 a month

(b) I want to lose 10kg by end of this year.

Set SMART goal.


M = Measurable

A = Attainable

R = Relevant

T= Timely


Step 2 – Take action

(a)(i) Every month, transfer $1000 to a bank account that does not allow you to withdraw any money.

Instead of spending as per normal and hoping that at the end of the month, you will save $1000.

(a)(ii) Find a second income to allow you to save $1000 each month. There are always two sides of a coin, either you tighten your budget or to find a second income to supplement current income or to learn to grow your money.

(b)(i) Commit to 3 One hour exercise session a week and increase the frequency accordingly.

(b)(ii) Start making healthy choice when comes to eating. Eliminate processed food bit by bit.

As what Genecia Alluora have shared in her live videos, ‘What gets measured gets done.’

It will not be easy but as long as you are working towards it, it will happen.

Every successful people works towards their goal, they did not become successful by chance.

I hope to be able to walk this life journey with you. Your Dreams. My Goal!

Feel free to share with me what your dreams and goals are and we can work towards it together!

Feel free to contact me at 81029976 for any queries on insurance, financial planning etc and feel free to share about your dreams and goals on my facebook page (

Have a lovely week! ❤


Zika Virus and the Insurance that insures it

Recently Zika Virus has been the most discussed topic after more and more people in Singapore are affected.

What is Zika Virus?

It is transmitted by the bite of infected Aedes mosquitoes (which bite in the daytime), identical to dengue. Zika is generally a mild disease. Zika may cause a viral fever similar to dengue or chikungunya, with fever, skin rashes, body aches and headache. However, most people infected with the Zika virus infection do not develop symptoms. There is no vaccine or specific anti-viral drugs.

52235934 - zika virus infographic: prevention, symptoms and treatment


Apart from preventive measures like getting insect repellents, another thing which people have forgotten to do is to get themselves insured for Zika Virus.

Thanks to our service partner, we have Tenet Sompo and Lonpac which provides insurance that cover infectious diseases.

In comparison, Lonpac covers more infectious diseases than Tenet Sompo.

Here are the 21 infectious diseases that Lonpac insures:

  1. Zika Fever (Zika Virus Disease)
  2. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)
  3. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD)
  4. Avian Influenza or “Bird Flu” due to Influenza A viral strains H1N1, H5N1, H9N2, H7N7 or H7N9
  5. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
  6. Dengue Fever / Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
  7. Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (Vcjd) or “Mad Cow Disease”
  8. Nipah Virus Encephalitis
  9. Japanese Viral Encephalitis
  10. Malaria
  11. Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  12. Measles
  13. Rabies
  14. Melioidosis
  15. Chikungunya Fever
  16. Mumps
  17.  Rubella
  18. Cholera
  19. Yellow Fever
  20. Poliomyelitis
  21. Diphtheria

For more information pertaining to the Zika Virus Insurance, feel free to contact me at 81029976.

Hope this blog post will be helpful.

Your Dreams. My Goal. ❤

5 Things to take note for Overseas Study Insurance (read this before you purchase any Overseas Study Insurance)

Today’s post is about Overseas Study Insurance.

As my cousin will be flying to Japan for school, I have decided to do up this post, to help more students  and their parents to understand what to take note of before purchase of Overseas Study Insurance.

Overseas Study Insurance are usually split into two time frame: 6 months or 1 year.

Being in a Foreign country for studies can be exciting and fun but it also brings about a lot of uncertainties. The cost of the medical bills overseas can be much higher than in Singapore.

Do take note that the following medical expenses are claimable based on Reimbursement, which means that the student must pay the medical bills first and to get the original receipts in order to file for the claims when they are back.

Here are 5 Things that Overseas Study Insurance covers:

1. Accident Medical Expenses

– Covers medical expenses incurred overseas for injury due

to an accident whilst overseas (usually covers outpatient/hospital visits)

– Covers follow up treatment incurred in Singapore

(Some companies cover this as Outpatient, whereas some is only claimable if it is Hospital & Surgical expenses for the follow ups. Do take note that there is always a time frame to seek for treatment in Singapore, some is within 2 days or 5 days upon return to Singapore. This time frame is also dependent on whether there is prior treatment sought overseas.)

2. Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses (Usually as an Add-on benefit. Highly recommended to add on. )

– Covers Medical expenses incurred overseas for injury due to an accident or sickness whilst overseas. Excess of S$100 per Sickness claim or per Visit. Do take note whether the excess is per sickness claim or per visit.

*An excess is a contribution you are required to pay towards a claim you make on your insurance policy.

3. Study Interruption

– Covers tuition fees paid in advance for the current semester if you are unable to continue your studies overseas due to hospitalization, terminal sickness or death of an immediate relative. Some insurance contract indicates that the hospitalization must be more than one month.

4. Sponsor protection

– Covers unpaid tuition fees in the event of the death or permanent disability of your sponsor. Some companies indicate it accidental death instead of death, which means the death of the sponsor must be due to accident to cover the unpaid tuition fees.

5. Emergency medical evacuation
– Covers all expenses to evacuate you in the event of a medical emergency

Important thing to note: Always ensure that you have the Emergency Hotline Number saved in your phone or somewhere. Call the number for 24-hour Medical and Travel Assistance.


AIG (ATAP* Travel Assistance Helpline): (+65) 6733 2552

Liberty Helpline: (+65) 6636 1131

When comes to Overseas Study Insurance, low premiums does not mean that it is better.

I do have friends getting from insurance companies with low premiums and when things happen, they realise it was not insured or that they missed the claimable time frame because there was no servicing agent advising them on what to do.

There is no best plan when comes to any form of insurance, most importantly is to know the terms and conditions so that when things happen, you will know what to do.

If remembering all these is too tedious, feel free to contact me at 81029976 to get insured so that when things happen, you just have to remember the Emergency Hotline Number and my contact number and I will advice you accordingly.

Hope this post will be helpful.

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Gastroscopy Bill (Importance of the Cash Rider)

I have recently received my total bill for the Gastroscopy which I have done at Mount Elizabeth Novena.

Total bill was $2,557.13 for a Gastroscopy (Day surgery).

Yi qi gastroscopy bill edited.jpg

Deductible for Private Hospital:
All ward types & Day Surgery: S$3,500

Deductible is the fixed amount payable by the insured each policy year before the MediShield Life/Integrated Shield Plan payout kicks in.

Which means that any amount that is below $3,500 will have to paid from my own pocket/Medisave. Without the cash rider (Total Health), I would have to fork out $2,557.13.

To some, this amount might seems small. But do take note that in future, for any application for hospitalisation plans, all the past medical reports will be required during underwriting and you might not be insurable anymore/ exclusions might be imposed.

Like most young people out there, I always felt that I am still young so I would not utilize my hospitalisation plan until a few more years later. I am really glad that I joined this industry, got my loved ones insured including myself and I have helped many families along the way.

I always tell my clients to meet me more often when they are healthy because when things happen and their health condition deteriorates, I would not be able to help them even if I want to.

We have seen so many  newspaper articles or facebook posts of people getting sick, getting into accidents. But the question is, have you DONE something NOW that your future self will thank you for?

Take action now and contact me at 81029976. The only thing I can help is to sort out your existing policies and to educate. No one can make the decision to purchase anything except yourself.

I look forward to meeting more people, to help them sort out their policies and to secure the future of more people.

Insurance is bought not because someone has to die but because someone has to live.

Your Dreams. My Goal.

Have a lovely week ahead! ❤

What is Happiness and Success to you? Is Loaning money a solution to achieving Happiness?

I chanced upon one article recently which opened up my mind on what Happiness and Success is and I hope to share it with you. Click the link below to read the article.

In Singapore, most of us have debts/loans.

Once we graduate from Polytechnic or University, we have to pay Education Loan.

When we purchase a Home, we need to pay Mortgage Loan.

When we do Renovation and if we do not have enough Cash, we will need to have Renovation Loan. There are even Furnishing Loan if you need more Cash for your furniture.

If we apply a Credit Card and we fail to make payment in time, we need to pay Credit Card Loan.

If we plan to get a Car, we might have to pay for Car Loan.

Education Loan + Mortgage Loan + Renovation Loan + Furnishing Loan + Credit Card Loan + Car Loan = Banks becoming Richer while we get Poorer.

Some charges that might be applicable for the loan. The list is not exhaustive as there might be even more charges depending on different scenarios and banks/financial institutions.

Loans & charges

It is really scary especially since loan interest is pretty high and it can accumulate very fast over time. More often than not, late payment interest will worsen the situation. You will find yourself having to work not to enjoy but to pay for debts/loans.

Personally, I do not have any credit cards, reason being, I do not want to trap myself in a financial debt cycle. I have clients who are very responsible in their usage of their credit card and they spend within their capability, earning rebates and points from card usage. Hence, credit cards can be a good way to save money if you know how to do so.

Endowment/Retirement Planning is the opposite. It uses financial products from bank/insurance/investment companies to help us grow our money.

Lose vs Grow Money

This image from the article really opened my mind.

who is happier

To me, I will rather be Ted, the one with decent amount of money in the bank, and zero debts. There are many people who are so caught up in the materialistic world such that they equate Happiness to their Materialistic Wants.

I have met many people from all walks of life and I have seen people spending all the money they have and not planning for their future. Some even ended up borrowing so much money to ‘Look Successful’. Sadly, there are financial advisers and bankers doing that too.

Now, imagine if the image I have given you previously is this:

Who is happier.png

Most people including myself, would have thought that the one with a more expensive car will be happier.

If you currently have a lot of loans to pay, feel free to contact me at 81029976 so that we can work something out together to reduce the amount of debts you have and to guide you to the right path.

Question of the Day: What is Success and Happiness to you?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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Work Injury Compensation Act 101


Since I had a few queries from business owners on Work Injury Compensation, decided to do up this post today. Most of the following answers are from the MOM website.

1.What is Work Injury Compensation Act?

  • The Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) lets employees make claims for work-related injuries or diseases, without having to take legal action.

2. Who needs to be insured under the Work Injury Compensation Act?

If you are an employer, you are required to buy work injury compensation insurance for:

  • All employees doing manual work, regardless of salary level.
  • All employees doing non-manual work, earning less than $1,600 a month.You must have insurance for both local and foreign employees. Failure to provide adequate insurance is an offence carrying a fine of up to $10,000 or jail of up to 12 months, or both.For other employees, you have the flexibility to decide whether to buy insurance for them. However, if those employees make a valid claim, you will have to compensate them regardless of whether they are insured.

    3. Scenarios covered under WICA

    You are covered under WICA if you:

    Work in a wood factory and injure your finger while building a cupboard.
    Get into an accident while taking a company vehicle to or from work.
    Get into an accident while taking any vehicle to a work-related engagement (meeting, site visit etc.).
    Injure yourself while working on a Singapore registered vessel, anywhere in the world.
    Are employed by a Singaporean company, live in Singapore and get injured while on an overseas work assignment.
    Injure yourself when you slip and fall at work.
    Injure yourself in a work-related fight where you were a victim and did not participate in the fight, were acting in self-defence or were instructed to break up the fight.

    4. Scenarios not covered under WICA

    You are not covered under WICA if you:

    Work in a wood factory and injure your finger while building a cupboard for yourself during your free time at work.
    Get into an accident while taking your own vehicle, a friend’s car or public transportation to or from work.
    Get into an accident while taking any vehicle to a work-related engagement, but you took a detour to run a personal errand.
    Injure yourself if you slip and fall at work while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    Deliberately injure yourself.
    Injure yourself during a fight with a co-worker.

5. What can you claim from WICA?

Under the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), you can claim for the following types of compensation benefits:

  • Medical leave wages for days you were issued with medical leave due to the work injury or disease. Only for working days covered by doctor-granted MC or hospitalisation leave.
  • Medical expenses, including your hospital bills, medication and other charges, due to the work injury.
  • Lump sum compensation for permanent incapacity or death.

For more information on WICA, MOM has a brochure which is super useful for business owners.

Check out this link for the brochure:

Hope this post will help more business owners in understanding more about Work Injury Compensation Act.

For a quote for WICA, feel free to contact me at 81029976.

Have a lovely week! ♥

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What does Maid Insurance covers?

Maid Insurance

In Singapore, most families have both parents working in order to cope with the high standard of living. Our maid also known as domestic helper or foreign domestic worker became our trusted assistant to take care of our kids and our house.

Today, I would like to share about what Maid Insurance covers in general, this can vary depending on the Insurer:

  1. Personal Accident 
  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Disablement
  • Accidental Medical Expenses (Some covers TCM, Ambulance Services, Dengue Fever)

2. Hospital and Surgical Expenses

  • Do take note of the hospital ward entitled as some insurer only covers B2/C ward, while some covers 100% (public hospital), 80% (private hospital) claimable within the annual limit. There are some which covers pre and post hospitalisation diagnostic services and treatments as well.

3. Outpatient Kidney Dialysis/ Cancer

4. Wages & Levy Reimbursement (up to 30 days or 60 days)

  • In the event the maid is hospitalised due to accident, sickness or disease etc, this will help to pay the wages & levy up to certain number of days.

5. Liability to Third Party/Domestic Helper Liability

  • Covers accidental bodily injury or accidental property damage of a third party as a result of the domestic helper’s negligence in the course of the employment

6. Alternative Domestic Help

  • Reimburses the cost of hiring temporary help when your domestic helper is hospitalised due to accident or illness

7. Fidelity Guarantee

  • Indemnifies employer against loss of money, household contents or valuables due to the act of fraud or dishonesty committed by the maid.

8. Domestic Helper’s Belonging

  • Loss or damage of her belongings due to fire and related perils

9. Re-Hiring Expenses

  • Reimburse agency fees in hiring a replacement domestic helper as a result of termination of services due to Death & Permanent Disablement due to accident or illness. The replacement have to be found within a number of days after termination for the claim.

10. Employer’s Liability to Insured Maid

  • Covering your legal liability as an employer arising from injury or disease claims by your Maid at Common Law

11. Waiver of Indemnity/Reimbursement of Indemnity Paid to Insurer /Waiver of Counter Indemnity

  • In the event that the Insurer is required to make payment under the Security Bond required by Ministry of Manpower, the Proposer will need only reimburse the Insurer the “Excess” amount, usually $250 or $500, instead of $5,000.

Kindly refer to your policy documents for any Terms and Conditions.

Hopefully this will be helpful for people who are intending to hire a maid. The maid insurance can be purchased through the maid agency or through a Financial adviser like myself.

Feel free to contact me at 81029976 if you have any queries.

Have a lovely week ahead!

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Important information if you are a Malay in Singapore

As I was reading information online on Hari Raya to better understand the Muslim culture, I came across these articles which I felt is important and I hope to share with my friends in the Malay population.

After going house to house visit to share with residents on the importance of upgrading Medishield Life and Eldershield for a period of time, I realized a trend in the health condition of different racial groups and it mainly stems from the type of food they eat.

For example, diabetes are more common in the Indian and Malay population, while stroke and cancer are more common in the Chinese population.

According to statistics published on 21 December 2014, Malay population is rank as the most unhealthy group in Singapore. However, this raises a concern as the community is under-insured and they seldom goes for health check up. 

Malay most unhealthy

malay fewer go for checks.jpg

Muslim pg 1Muslim pg 2

After reading these articles, I was really worried. I hope to be able to reach out to more people from the Malay population this year to share with them on the importance of financial planning. If you do have any Malay friends who are currently working, do feel free to refer them to me so that I will be able to help them.

This year Hari Raya, I manage to give away 18 green packets to 18 of my Muslim clients. I look forward to giving more next year! ♥

hari raya packet 2016hari raya green packet

Your Dreams. My Goal. ♥

Enjoy the rest of the lovely weekend! 🙂

5 Things you might/might not know about Personal Accident Plan

Today, I would like to share about 5 things that you might or might not know about Personal Accident Plan. Different companies have different terms and conditions. Feel free to contact me at 81029976 so that I will be able to assist you on which of the following applies to your plan.

1) It is 24/7 year-round coverage, anywhere in the world.

Recently, one of my client sprained her leg in Taiwan. She went to see TCM and she was able to get a successful claim.

Cherie's claim


2) It covers TCM treatments (usually up to a certain amount per accident)

Successful claim.jpg

3) It covers Chiropractor treatments (usually up to a certain amount per accident)

  • This depends on the terms and conditions of the policy. There are some plans which cover chiropractor treatments, while some do not cover. So do take note of this.


4) Personal accident plan complements hospitalization plan. It is not a substitute as both cover different types of scenarios. Hospitalisation plan covers hospital bills in the event, the person is warded. However, not all accidents will lead to an admission.

The following is a tax invoice of a claim which I did recently  (makes up the $146.80 as shown above). My client had a back injury and he was in so much pain. Decided to bring him to Tan Tock Seng A&E and the doctor gave him a jab and send him home.  The entire bill was successfully claimed through the Personal Accident plan. If he only has a hospitalisation plan, he will not be able to file for claim.

CCK A&E feeTan tock seng medicine

5) Another misconception is that for Personal Accident plan, the person must die to get a claim.  Medical reimbursement is a benefit that many are not aware of. It allows policyholder to claim for outpatient treatments for injury due to accidents. This covers GP, MRI, Xray and Physiotherapy sessions as well. Do note that this is on reimbursement basis, which means that the policyholder must make payment first.

Do consult your financial advisers before you head to any hospital or clinic for treatment as some supporting documents will be required in order to process the claim.

Hope this post will be helpful! If you have not gotten any personal accident plan  or if you are unsure if you have it or not, do feel free to contact me at 81029976.

Have a lovely week! ♥

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Home Content Insurance for HDB

As a new house owner of a BTO flat, you might be very confused about the different type of home insurance available.

Hopefully this post will help in answering your questions.

Upon collection of keys, you will be asked to go to Level 2 of the HDB building to get your Fire Insurance.

There are two types:

  1. HDB Fire Insurance: is the basic fire insurance cover for your flat. It is mandatory to purchase the HDB Fire Insurance policy when you take up an HDB housing loan. What it covers: the cost of reinstating damaged internal structures, fixtures, as well as areas built and provided by HDB, but excludes household contents. (

hdb fire insurance premium

2. Home Content Insurance: it covers for renovated items and household contents and many more. It is not mandatory and you can choose any insurer of your choice. There are two types: Insured Perils and All Risk.

(a) Insured Perils – Only covers a few scenarios under the list of insured perils

For example:

etiqa insured perils

(b) All Risk (except those which are specifically excluded in the policy)

Some examples from Insurance Companies:

Disclaimer: Do check their policy wordings for any terms and conditions.


Insured Perils – Enhanced HomePlus Insurance (

All Risks unless specifically excluded – Home Insurance  (


Insured Perils – Enhanced Homeowner Insurance (

All Risks unless specifically excluded – They only have it for commercial building, not for residential.


Insured Perils – Enhanced Public Housing Contents Insurance: Focus more on protection of Home Content (

Or Public Housing Protection Plan: Focus more on protection of Building (

All Risks unless specifically excluded – Homes Advantage Package: do not confuse this with Home Advantage (

Some is packaged as Building+Home Content, while some is Home Content only. If you are unsure, feel free to Whatsapp me at 81029976 so that I will be able to find something that suits your needs.

Have a lovely weekend!

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