Gastroscopy Bill (Importance of the Cash Rider)

I have recently received my total bill for the Gastroscopy which I have done at Mount Elizabeth Novena.

Total bill was $2,557.13 for a Gastroscopy (Day surgery).

Yi qi gastroscopy bill edited.jpg

Deductible for Private Hospital:
All ward types & Day Surgery: S$3,500

Deductible is the fixed amount payable by the insured each policy year before the MediShield Life/Integrated Shield Plan payout kicks in.

Which means that any amount that is below $3,500 will have to paid from my own pocket/Medisave. Without the cash rider (Total Health), I would have to fork out $2,557.13.

To some, this amount might seems small. But do take note that in future, for any application for hospitalisation plans, all the past medical reports will be required during underwriting and you might not be insurable anymore/ exclusions might be imposed.

Like most young people out there, I always felt that I am still young so I would not utilize my hospitalisation plan until a few more years later. I am really glad that I joined this industry, got my loved ones insured including myself and I have helped many families along the way.

I always tell my clients to meet me more often when they are healthy because when things happen and their health condition deteriorates, I would not be able to help them even if I want to.

We have seen so many  newspaper articles or facebook posts of people getting sick, getting into accidents. But the question is, have you DONE something NOW that your future self will thank you for?

Take action now and contact me at 81029976. The only thing I can help is to sort out your existing policies and to educate. No one can make the decision to purchase anything except yourself.

I look forward to meeting more people, to help them sort out their policies and to secure the future of more people.

Insurance is bought not because someone has to die but because someone has to live.

Your Dreams. My Goal.

Have a lovely week ahead! ❤