What is Happiness and Success to you? Is Loaning money a solution to achieving Happiness?

I chanced upon one article recently which opened up my mind on what Happiness and Success is and I hope to share it with you. Click the link below to read the article.


In Singapore, most of us have debts/loans.

Once we graduate from Polytechnic or University, we have to pay Education Loan.

When we purchase a Home, we need to pay Mortgage Loan.

When we do Renovation and if we do not have enough Cash, we will need to have Renovation Loan. There are even Furnishing Loan if you need more Cash for your furniture.

If we apply a Credit Card and we fail to make payment in time, we need to pay Credit Card Loan.

If we plan to get a Car, we might have to pay for Car Loan.

Education Loan + Mortgage Loan + Renovation Loan + Furnishing Loan + Credit Card Loan + Car Loan = Banks becoming Richer while we get Poorer.

Some charges that might be applicable for the loan. The list is not exhaustive as there might be even more charges depending on different scenarios and banks/financial institutions.

Loans & charges

It is really scary especially since loan interest is pretty high and it can accumulate very fast over time. More often than not, late payment interest will worsen the situation. You will find yourself having to work not to enjoy but to pay for debts/loans.

Personally, I do not have any credit cards, reason being, I do not want to trap myself in a financial debt cycle. I have clients who are very responsible in their usage of their credit card and they spend within their capability, earning rebates and points from card usage. Hence, credit cards can be a good way to save money if you know how to do so.

Endowment/Retirement Planning is the opposite. It uses financial products from bank/insurance/investment companies to help us grow our money.

Lose vs Grow Money

This image from the article really opened my mind.

who is happier

To me, I will rather be Ted, the one with decent amount of money in the bank, and zero debts. There are many people who are so caught up in the materialistic world such that they equate Happiness to their Materialistic Wants.

I have met many people from all walks of life and I have seen people spending all the money they have and not planning for their future. Some even ended up borrowing so much money to ‘Look Successful’. Sadly, there are financial advisers and bankers doing that too.

Now, imagine if the image I have given you previously is this:

Who is happier.png

Most people including myself, would have thought that the one with a more expensive car will be happier.

If you currently have a lot of loans to pay, feel free to contact me at 81029976 so that we can work something out together to reduce the amount of debts you have and to guide you to the right path.

Question of the Day: What is Success and Happiness to you?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Your Dreams, My Goal. ❤