Important information if you are a Malay in Singapore

As I was reading information online on Hari Raya to better understand the Muslim culture, I came across these articles which I felt is important and I hope to share with my friends in the Malay population.

After going house to house visit to share with residents on the importance of upgrading Medishield Life and Eldershield for a period of time, I realized a trend in the health condition of different racial groups and it mainly stems from the type of food they eat.

For example, diabetes are more common in the Indian and Malay population, while stroke and cancer are more common in the Chinese population.

According to statistics published on 21 December 2014, Malay population is rank as the most unhealthy group in Singapore. However, this raises a concern as the community is under-insured and they seldom goes for health check up. 

Malay most unhealthy

malay fewer go for checks.jpg

Muslim pg 1Muslim pg 2

After reading these articles, I was really worried. I hope to be able to reach out to more people from the Malay population this year to share with them on the importance of financial planning. If you do have any Malay friends who are currently working, do feel free to refer them to me so that I will be able to help them.

This year Hari Raya, I manage to give away 18 green packets to 18 of my Muslim clients. I look forward to giving more next year! ♥

hari raya packet 2016hari raya green packet

Your Dreams. My Goal. ♥

Enjoy the rest of the lovely weekend! 🙂