PFS 2nd Health Checkup was a Success!

We had our 2nd Health Checkup on 25th June 2016 and it was a success!

I am super thankful to the people who made this event possible!

I would like to thank my director Steve as well as my entire agency. Pinnacle Financial Services is family to me and we always try to help each other as much as we can. Super thankful and grateful! ❤

I managed to invite 12 people this time. It got me busy running around the different rooms, guiding my friends and clients through the health check up and to make the entire process as fuss free as possible. Really appreciate their presence and their patience in waiting for their turn.

My client was sharing with me that she did a health checkup on her own at a private hospital before and it was $400 plus. When she saw the different health checkup package that was offered, she was impressed by the rates offered by our partner clinic.

Some photos of the event:

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In line with our Health Checkup, we had ‘The Kalories’ catering our post health checkup meals for us and I was really blown away by the flavours in the meat. Love it!

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Looking forward to inviting more clients and friends to our next Client Servicing Event.

Your Dreams. My Goal. In Pinnacle Financial Services, nothing is more important than our clients’ welfare when it comes to financial planning.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! ❤


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