Reality Check: Hospitalisation Bill in a C Class Ward for 48 Days

Today, I would like to share about a story of one of my client. Prior to what has happened, he felt that company insurance was adequate and insurance is not very important. An event in his life changed his perspective about it.

Due to private & confidential reasons, I will not reveal too much information about what has happen. In short, his wife is currently in coma and till date, has not been discharged yet.

I would like to thank him for providing me this interim bill and allowing me to use this to educate and to share with many others. Hopefully, together, we can help to secure the future of more families. I sincerely pray for the day that his wife will recover. I am very grateful and thankful of the chance given to me to get the rest of his family insured.

C Class Ward: Fan-ventilated 8-bedded ward with shared bathroom facilities and amenities.

This is the interim bill after 48 days in hospital:

Bill (pg 1).jpg

Bill (pg2).jpg

Kindly note that the amount reflected in this hospitalisation bill will keep increasing till the day she is discharged.

Without government subsidy, total charges amounted to $96,581.16 and to be honest, all of us do not have that much in our Medisave account. If a C Class ward can cost up to that much, can you imagine the cost of a B Class or A Class ward?

If you are unsure if you have upgraded your Medishield Life to cover 100% of your hospitalisation bill, do feel free to contact me so that I can guide you step by step.

It is the mid of 2016 already. If you have not done up a policy review for years, I hope that you can give me a chance to do up one for you. This is to ensure that your policies are still inforced and that your shortfall in your portfolio have been covered.

Feel free to whatsapp me at 81029976 for an appointment. No hardselling. This is my promise to you.

Your Dreams,My Goal.

Have a lovely weekend ahead! ❤


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