Using your Medisave for Vaccinations (Important!)

If you are a Singaporean or PR, this post will be very beneficial to you.

Disclaimer: I do not represent CPF board and these information were obtained from CPF website. Kindly refer to CPF board for the latest information.

Are you aware that you can use your Medisave for vaccinations?

You can use up to $400 from your Medisave Account to pay for approved vaccinations each year.

Something to highlight to all FEMALES who are below 26 Years old.  Please be reminded to go for your HPV jab before it is no longer claimable from Medisave.

Vaccinations Medisave.jpg

For a list of approved medical institutions that provide these vaccinations, kindly  refer to this link:

I hope this post will be beneficial to everyone.

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Have a lovely week! ❤


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