Do you remember when was the last time you had your Health Checkup?

In Pinnacle Financial Services, our clients’ welfare is everything. Your Dreams. My Goal.

We will be having complimentary Health Check up for our clients and friends. This health check up has limited slots therefore, it is only available upon invite.

Why is having an annual health check up important?

 1. Prevention is better than cure.

  • You will be surprised to know that people who are slim might be the ones having high cholesterol or high blood pressure. There are certain health conditions that can be prevented through adjusting of eating habits.

 2. Early detection of cancer can increase chances of survival.

  • In Singapore, about 37 people are diagnosed with cancer every day. The good news is, with early detection and treatment, you can prevent this disease. Cancer that is diagnosed at an early stage, is more likely to be treated successfully. If the cancer has spread, it is harder to treat, and generally a person’s chances of surviving are much lower.


To my dear clients and friends who have not been invited yet, I will be inviting you all soon. Do let me know if you are interested in the complimentary medical check up so that I will be able to include your name in the next one.

Our first health check up was held on the 26th March 2016 and it was a success!

The upcoming one will be on 25 June 2016.


Basic health screening includes:

Physical Examination:
Height Measurement 身高测量
Weight Measurement 重量测量
Body Mass Index (BMI) 身体质量指数
Blood Pressure Measurement 血压测量
Waist Circumference Measurement 腰围测量
Spinal Examination 脊椎检查

Lipid Profile:
Total Cholesterol 总胆固醇
HDL Cholesterol 高脂胆固醇
LDL Cholesterol 低脂胆固醇
Cholesterol Ratio 总/高脂胆固醇比率
Triglycerides 三酸甘油脂

Diabetes Mellitus Profile:
Blood Glucose 血糖

The above is the basic health screening and it is complimentary. If you intend to go for a more comprehensive ones, they are available with a top up fee.

Feel free to contact me at 81029976 for a complimentary policy review before your annual check up or if you have any queries.

Have a lovely weekend! ❤


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