10 Things to take note while getting Travel Insurance

It is the mid of the June holidays. Every year, parents will make use of this long break to bring their children for a getaway. It is a time when kids put their homework aside and parents are getting their travel plans synced with annual leave. Most of the time, everyone is so excited about travelling that they might forget to get themselves travel insurance.

To many, travel insurance might be something that is not necessary. However, due to outburst of Zika virus as well as unforeseen circumstances such as delayed flight due to volcano ash cloud etc, it will be good to give yourself a peace of mind, especially when you have kids travelling with you as well.

The following information can differ depending on which travel insurance you plan on getting. The travel insurance from Airline might not be as comprehensive and adequate. Sometimes getting a travel insurance with low premiums will be the same as getting no insurance if it does not cover many scenarios.

Disclaimer: Kindly check on the latest policy wording for the most updated information as well as any other terms and conditions for the claim.

Compulsory documents for any travel claim (kindly check with your advisers for other supporting documents required for the different claims)

  1. Original completed claim form
  2.  Travelling itinerary, airline ticket, boarding pass or copy of passport with stamp showing the date of departure and return to Singapore.

Here are 10 things to take note of while getting travel insurance:

1)  Overseas Medical Expenses (Medical Reimbursement)

  • Accidents or sickness can happen during an overseas trip and sometimes, it requires medical assistance abroad. It is always important to keep all of your original receipts for claim and do let your financial adviser know so that he/she can help you to file for claim. Your personal accident plan might cover overseas accident but it does not cover overseas sickness.

2) Medical Expenses in Singapore (after coming back from the trip)

  • Do take note of the duration to ensure that your medical expenses is claimable.  For example:

MSIG – Seek treatment within 72 hours after return to Singapore

AIG – Seek treatment within 2 days from the date of return to Singapore (AIG)

OAC – Seek treatment from a Medical Practitioner within seventy-two (72) hours upon return to Singapore

3) Trip Cancellation/ Disruption/ Postponement/ Curtailment 

  • If the unforeseen circumstances as per policy contract occur within 30 days/60 days (depending on the travel insurance) prior to the commencement of the Journey but after the date of arranging this insurance and Journey
  • Claimable on Death, injury or illness of Insured Person, family member or travel companion; or Riot, strike, industrial action or natural disaster at the overseas destination prior to commencement of the Journey

4) Alternative Travel Due to Infectious Diseases Outbreak (Not all companies cover this)

  • Additional expenses to re-route travel due to travel or public health advisory following an infectious disease outbreak

5) Hospital Visitation/Compassionate Visit

  • Immediate family member to travel to and accompany an Insured Person during his/her hospitalisation or death of an Insured Person outside Singapore

6) Insolvency of Licensed Travel Operator

  • Pays for pre-paid travel fare and deposits in the event of bankruptcy of licensed tour agencies in Singapore

7) Delay Baggage

  • A lump sum payment for every 6 hours of baggage delay
  • Do remember to report the loss within 24 hours of discovery to local Police, airline, transport company or other carrier who had custody of the baggage or property and/or may be responsible for the loss.

8) Delay Departure

  • Public Transport delay for every 6 hours due to riot, strike, industrial action, adverse weather condition or natural disaster

9) Adventurous Activities Cover (Very important!)

  • Here are some examples of adventurous activities. Do take note of the wordings in bold. If you have certain activities which you have planned in your itinerary, but unsure if it is insurable, do let your financial adviser know so they can advise you accordingly as some companies do not cover certain activities.
    1. Bungee jumping;
    2. Sky Diving;
    3. Paragliding;
    4. Helicopter rides for sightseeing;
    5. Hot air ballooning;
    6. Jet Skiing;
    7. Mountaineering at mountains below the height of three thousand (3,000) metres
    above sea level;
    8. Skiing or snowboarding all within official approved areas of a ski resort;
    9. Canoeing or white water rafting with a qualified guide and up to Grade 3 (of
    International Scale of River Difficulty);
    10. Underwater activities involving artificial breathing apparatus for diving up to a
    maximum depth of thirty (30) metres with a qualified diving instructor and with
    recognised diving certification.
    Provided always that the above activities are done for leisure purposes and with a
    licensed operator.

10) Credit Card Cover

  • Financial loss following fraudulent use of credit cards lost during the overseas travel. Do remember to report the loss within 24 hours of discovery to local Police.

There are so many things that are covered by Travel Insurance, here are just 10 common ones which are claimable. Hope this post will be helpful to those who intend to get a travel insurance for their upcoming trip.

Feel free to sms/whatsapp me at 81029976 the following details for a quote to ensure that your loved ones and yourself get protected while enjoying your trip:

Name, Depart and Arrival Date, Country, Number of People to be insured.

Have a lovely weekend! ❤






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