My ‘WHY’ in this industry

Dear Readers,

My name is Yi Qi and I am a financial adviser with Great Eastern. I have decided to create this website in hope to reach out to more people and to raise awareness on the importance of insurance.

Being in this industry was not part of my plan, I was a Graduate in Accounting and Finance. After I graduated, I had the choice of working in an auditing firm or going back to doing accounts for companies which was what I did while pursuing my degree. I would have no difficulties in finding a job with a 5 years experience in accounting. However, a life-changing event changed my course of direction in life.

During my years pursuing my degree, I witnessed how having little or no insurance can drastically change the quality of life of a family. This is none other than my boyfriend’s family.

During our studying years, his dad contracted final stage lymphoma cancer. He was a man who dedicated his entire life to his family. He was working as a lorry driver, sending vegetables and fruits between Pasir Panjang and Tekka market every single day with very little rest. He has never taken a day off.  Even when he was sick, he continued working. He was the breadwinner and he worked really hard to provide the best to his four children.

The cancer cells spread throughout his body. He was in such a pain that he could no longer work anymore. Every day, he will hold onto the door grills, trying his best to tolerate the pain. No amount of morphine can help to relieve the pain. It was really heart-wrenching to see all these happening in front of my eyes and there was nothing much I could do to help.

He eventually passed on with mere 30 plus kg. I received the news while on my way to school and when I rushed back, he was no longer breathing. He was so slim and skeleton-like. I was in such a shock by how much weight he has lost. The doctor was amazed by his fighting spirit in battling cancer as he had outlived his expected life expectancy.

After his dad passed on, we realized that he opted out of Home Protection Scheme and the housing loan was still outstanding. His family had to resort to borrowing money to survive.

I cannot imagine if such things were to happen to other families as well, hence it is my lifetime mission to reach out to more families and to prevent such tragedies from happening again.

This is my ‘WHY’ in joining the industry.

Feel free to contact me at 81029976 (for faster response) or email me at if you need help with sorting out your policies.


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