My Company – Great Eastern Financial Advisers

This is the Corporate profile of the company I am representing.

‘We believe in building lasting relationships with you and it is in our best interest to look after your best interests.

Great Eastern Financial Advisers (GEFA) is a financial advisory firm wholly owned by Great Eastern Holdings Limited. We are licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to offer financial advisory services. The range of products that we can advise on includes life policies, general insurance and collective investment schemes. GEFA is also the exclusive financial advisory firm distributing Great Eastern Life products as no other financial advisory company in Singapore carries them.

At GEFA, we are more than just insurance. We are here when you get your first job, build your business, plan for your wedding, protect your family and retire. You can count on us to plan, manage and help grow your finances to meet various aspects of your life.’

Extracted from

I am able to offer General Insurance from 16 insurers such as MSIG, AIG, EQ, Etiqa as well.


Feel free to contact me at 81029976 (for faster response) or email me at if you need help with sorting out your policies.


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