PFS 2nd Health Checkup was a Success!

We had our 2nd Health Checkup on 25th June 2016 and it was a success!

I am super thankful to the people who made this event possible!

I would like to thank my director Steve as well as my entire agency. Pinnacle Financial Services is family to me and we always try to help each other as much as we can. Super thankful and grateful! ❤

I managed to invite 12 people this time. It got me busy running around the different rooms, guiding my friends and clients through the health check up and to make the entire process as fuss free as possible. Really appreciate their presence and their patience in waiting for their turn.

My client was sharing with me that she did a health checkup on her own at a private hospital before and it was $400 plus. When she saw the different health checkup package that was offered, she was impressed by the rates offered by our partner clinic.

Some photos of the event:

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In line with our Health Checkup, we had ‘The Kalories’ catering our post health checkup meals for us and I was really blown away by the flavours in the meat. Love it!

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Looking forward to inviting more clients and friends to our next Client Servicing Event.

Your Dreams. My Goal. In Pinnacle Financial Services, nothing is more important than our clients’ welfare when it comes to financial planning.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! ❤


Reality Check: Hospitalisation Bill in a C Class Ward for 48 Days

Today, I would like to share about a story of one of my client. Prior to what has happened, he felt that company insurance was adequate and insurance is not very important. An event in his life changed his perspective about it.

Due to private & confidential reasons, I will not reveal too much information about what has happen. In short, his wife is currently in coma and till date, has not been discharged yet.

I would like to thank him for providing me this interim bill and allowing me to use this to educate and to share with many others. Hopefully, together, we can help to secure the future of more families. I sincerely pray for the day that his wife will recover. I am very grateful and thankful of the chance given to me to get the rest of his family insured.

C Class Ward: Fan-ventilated 8-bedded ward with shared bathroom facilities and amenities.

This is the interim bill after 48 days in hospital:

Bill (pg 1).jpg

Bill (pg2).jpg

Kindly note that the amount reflected in this hospitalisation bill will keep increasing till the day she is discharged.

Without government subsidy, total charges amounted to $96,581.16 and to be honest, all of us do not have that much in our Medisave account. If a C Class ward can cost up to that much, can you imagine the cost of a B Class or A Class ward?

If you are unsure if you have upgraded your Medishield Life to cover 100% of your hospitalisation bill, do feel free to contact me so that I can guide you step by step.

It is the mid of 2016 already. If you have not done up a policy review for years, I hope that you can give me a chance to do up one for you. This is to ensure that your policies are still inforced and that your shortfall in your portfolio have been covered.

Feel free to whatsapp me at 81029976 for an appointment. No hardselling. This is my promise to you.

Your Dreams,My Goal.

Have a lovely weekend ahead! ❤

Different Types of Home Insurance

As  more and more BTO are ready for key collection, I have decided to share more on Home Insurance today.

There are Four different type of Home Insurance.

1. Home Protection Scheme (deducted automatically from your CPF Ordinary Account)

Definition:  A mortgage-reducing insurance that protects members and their families against losing their HDB flat in the event of death, terminal illness or total permanent disability. HPS insures members up to age 65 or until the housing loans are paid up, whichever is earlier (extracted from CPF website)

Benefit: In the event if any of the house owner passed on or suffers from terminal illness or total permanent disability, the Board would settle the outstanding housing loan up to the insured sum in the event of death or permanent incapacity.

There are two options for this: (A) or (B)


2. Decreasing Term Assurance/Mortgage Insurance (Works similar to HPS)

This is offered by Insurance Companies and is payable by Cash instead of CPF Ordinary Account. Some people prefer using cash for payment as CPF Ordinary Account has a decent interest rate.

Instead of Decreasing Term Assurance, there are homeowners who prefer to buy a Term Insurance (Mortgage Insurance) to cover the Housing Loan period. One advantage to using Term Insurance is that you can include Critical Illness coverage as well.

There are two options for this: (A) or (B)

Using Term policy.jpg

3. HDB Fire Insurance (By Etiqa, payable at HDB itself while key collection)

Definition: Basic fire insurance cover for your flat. It is mandatory to purchase the HDB Fire Insurance policy when you take up an HDB housing loan.

Benefit: Covers damages caused by fire to the internal building structure, fixtures and fittings provided by HDB and its approved developer.

4. Home Content Insurance (Important! Often neglected.)

Most Singaporeans spend a lot on their renovations and their furniture. Most are not aware of  Home Content Insurance or what it covers.

Benefit: Covers Home Content & Renovations, Alternative Accommodation or Loss of Rent if your home is uninhabitable, Cost to replace deteriorated frozen food in the deep freezer of your refrigerator of less than 5 years old due to failure of the freezer, Pays your monthly service and conservancy charges in the event your home is uninhabitable following loss or damage, Monetary loss suffered due to fraud or dishonesty of your domestic servants living in your home and many more.

I will share more about Home Content Insurance in my next post.

Do feel free to WhatsApp me at 81029976 for a quote for Home Content Insurance or if you have any queries on my post today.

Hopefully this post will be beneficial. If you enjoy reading my post, do drop me a WhatsApp message about anything that you would like to know more of and do not be shy to ask for a complimentary policy review.

Have a lovely week! ❤

Outpatient Limit for Medisave Account

Today’s post is about the Medisave Limit for Outpatient Treatments.

Disclaimer: I do not represent CPF board and these information were obtained from CPF website. Kindly refer to CPF board for the latest information.

More often than not, many people are confused about the Outpatient Treatments that can be payable using Medisave. Contrary to what many people believe, Medisave cannot be used for everything and there are limits to each Outpatient Treatments.

The link below shows the list of Outpatient that can be payable using Medisave:

Outpatient limit

For Chemotherapy, Medisave Withdrawal Limit is $1,200 per month per patient. However, this will be a problem for a Cancer patient if he/she does not have a lot of Medisave in his/her Medisave account to begin with.

However, thanks to Integrated Shield Plan (upgraded through a Insurance company, not done automatically), most of the plans include ‘As Charged’ for selected Outpatient Treatments. This image is extracted from Great Eastern’s Supreme Health brochure.


Feel free to contact me at 81029976 if you are unsure if you have done the necessary upgrade for hospitalisation or if you would like a complimentary policy review (no purchase of policies required).

Have a lovely week! ❤

Using your Medisave for Vaccinations (Important!)

If you are a Singaporean or PR, this post will be very beneficial to you.

Disclaimer: I do not represent CPF board and these information were obtained from CPF website. Kindly refer to CPF board for the latest information.

Are you aware that you can use your Medisave for vaccinations?

You can use up to $400 from your Medisave Account to pay for approved vaccinations each year.

Something to highlight to all FEMALES who are below 26 Years old.  Please be reminded to go for your HPV jab before it is no longer claimable from Medisave.

Vaccinations Medisave.jpg

For a list of approved medical institutions that provide these vaccinations, kindly  refer to this link:

I hope this post will be beneficial to everyone.

Do feel free to contact me at 81029976 for a complimentary policy review or if you have anything that you would like me to share on my blog.

Have a lovely week! ❤

Prevent and Control Diabetes Talk organised by Farrer Park Hospital Pte Ltd


Farrer Park Hospital will be having a talk on the topic ‘Caring for your Health: Prevent and Control Diabetes’ on 25th June 2016, Saturday, from 2pm to 5pm (registration starts at 1pm).

Venue: Ballroom 1, Level 6, One Farrer Hotel & Spa ( 1 Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore 217562)

Programme highlights:

  1. Diabetes and Hypertension – How Do They Affect Your Kidneys
  2. Heart Attack And Diabetes – Are You At Risk?
  3. How Will Diabetes Affect Your Eyesight?
  4. Is Metabolic Surgery The Answer For Diabetes and Hypertension?

Do feel free to register by emailing to or call 81234481.

Free admission. Seats are limited. Light refreshments will be provided. Do let me know if you are heading there. 😊

Looking forward to see you there!

Have a lovely week! ❤️

Do you remember when was the last time you had your Health Checkup?

In Pinnacle Financial Services, our clients’ welfare is everything. Your Dreams. My Goal.

We will be having complimentary Health Check up for our clients and friends. This health check up has limited slots therefore, it is only available upon invite.

Why is having an annual health check up important?

 1. Prevention is better than cure.

  • You will be surprised to know that people who are slim might be the ones having high cholesterol or high blood pressure. There are certain health conditions that can be prevented through adjusting of eating habits.

 2. Early detection of cancer can increase chances of survival.

  • In Singapore, about 37 people are diagnosed with cancer every day. The good news is, with early detection and treatment, you can prevent this disease. Cancer that is diagnosed at an early stage, is more likely to be treated successfully. If the cancer has spread, it is harder to treat, and generally a person’s chances of surviving are much lower.


To my dear clients and friends who have not been invited yet, I will be inviting you all soon. Do let me know if you are interested in the complimentary medical check up so that I will be able to include your name in the next one.

Our first health check up was held on the 26th March 2016 and it was a success!

The upcoming one will be on 25 June 2016.


Basic health screening includes:

Physical Examination:
Height Measurement 身高测量
Weight Measurement 重量测量
Body Mass Index (BMI) 身体质量指数
Blood Pressure Measurement 血压测量
Waist Circumference Measurement 腰围测量
Spinal Examination 脊椎检查

Lipid Profile:
Total Cholesterol 总胆固醇
HDL Cholesterol 高脂胆固醇
LDL Cholesterol 低脂胆固醇
Cholesterol Ratio 总/高脂胆固醇比率
Triglycerides 三酸甘油脂

Diabetes Mellitus Profile:
Blood Glucose 血糖

The above is the basic health screening and it is complimentary. If you intend to go for a more comprehensive ones, they are available with a top up fee.

Feel free to contact me at 81029976 for a complimentary policy review before your annual check up or if you have any queries.

Have a lovely weekend! ❤

10 Things to take note while getting Travel Insurance

It is the mid of the June holidays. Every year, parents will make use of this long break to bring their children for a getaway. It is a time when kids put their homework aside and parents are getting their travel plans synced with annual leave. Most of the time, everyone is so excited about travelling that they might forget to get themselves travel insurance.

To many, travel insurance might be something that is not necessary. However, due to outburst of Zika virus as well as unforeseen circumstances such as delayed flight due to volcano ash cloud etc, it will be good to give yourself a peace of mind, especially when you have kids travelling with you as well.

The following information can differ depending on which travel insurance you plan on getting. The travel insurance from Airline might not be as comprehensive and adequate. Sometimes getting a travel insurance with low premiums will be the same as getting no insurance if it does not cover many scenarios.

Disclaimer: Kindly check on the latest policy wording for the most updated information as well as any other terms and conditions for the claim.

Compulsory documents for any travel claim (kindly check with your advisers for other supporting documents required for the different claims)

  1. Original completed claim form
  2.  Travelling itinerary, airline ticket, boarding pass or copy of passport with stamp showing the date of departure and return to Singapore.

Here are 10 things to take note of while getting travel insurance:

1)  Overseas Medical Expenses (Medical Reimbursement)

  • Accidents or sickness can happen during an overseas trip and sometimes, it requires medical assistance abroad. It is always important to keep all of your original receipts for claim and do let your financial adviser know so that he/she can help you to file for claim. Your personal accident plan might cover overseas accident but it does not cover overseas sickness.

2) Medical Expenses in Singapore (after coming back from the trip)

  • Do take note of the duration to ensure that your medical expenses is claimable.  For example:

MSIG – Seek treatment within 72 hours after return to Singapore

AIG – Seek treatment within 2 days from the date of return to Singapore (AIG)

OAC – Seek treatment from a Medical Practitioner within seventy-two (72) hours upon return to Singapore

3) Trip Cancellation/ Disruption/ Postponement/ Curtailment 

  • If the unforeseen circumstances as per policy contract occur within 30 days/60 days (depending on the travel insurance) prior to the commencement of the Journey but after the date of arranging this insurance and Journey
  • Claimable on Death, injury or illness of Insured Person, family member or travel companion; or Riot, strike, industrial action or natural disaster at the overseas destination prior to commencement of the Journey

4) Alternative Travel Due to Infectious Diseases Outbreak (Not all companies cover this)

  • Additional expenses to re-route travel due to travel or public health advisory following an infectious disease outbreak

5) Hospital Visitation/Compassionate Visit

  • Immediate family member to travel to and accompany an Insured Person during his/her hospitalisation or death of an Insured Person outside Singapore

6) Insolvency of Licensed Travel Operator

  • Pays for pre-paid travel fare and deposits in the event of bankruptcy of licensed tour agencies in Singapore

7) Delay Baggage

  • A lump sum payment for every 6 hours of baggage delay
  • Do remember to report the loss within 24 hours of discovery to local Police, airline, transport company or other carrier who had custody of the baggage or property and/or may be responsible for the loss.

8) Delay Departure

  • Public Transport delay for every 6 hours due to riot, strike, industrial action, adverse weather condition or natural disaster

9) Adventurous Activities Cover (Very important!)

  • Here are some examples of adventurous activities. Do take note of the wordings in bold. If you have certain activities which you have planned in your itinerary, but unsure if it is insurable, do let your financial adviser know so they can advise you accordingly as some companies do not cover certain activities.
    1. Bungee jumping;
    2. Sky Diving;
    3. Paragliding;
    4. Helicopter rides for sightseeing;
    5. Hot air ballooning;
    6. Jet Skiing;
    7. Mountaineering at mountains below the height of three thousand (3,000) metres
    above sea level;
    8. Skiing or snowboarding all within official approved areas of a ski resort;
    9. Canoeing or white water rafting with a qualified guide and up to Grade 3 (of
    International Scale of River Difficulty);
    10. Underwater activities involving artificial breathing apparatus for diving up to a
    maximum depth of thirty (30) metres with a qualified diving instructor and with
    recognised diving certification.
    Provided always that the above activities are done for leisure purposes and with a
    licensed operator.

10) Credit Card Cover

  • Financial loss following fraudulent use of credit cards lost during the overseas travel. Do remember to report the loss within 24 hours of discovery to local Police.

There are so many things that are covered by Travel Insurance, here are just 10 common ones which are claimable. Hope this post will be helpful to those who intend to get a travel insurance for their upcoming trip.

Feel free to sms/whatsapp me at 81029976 the following details for a quote to ensure that your loved ones and yourself get protected while enjoying your trip:

Name, Depart and Arrival Date, Country, Number of People to be insured.

Have a lovely weekend! ❤





Importance of an Annual Policy Review

Policy Files.jpg

Today, my blog post is about the importance of meeting your financial adviser on an annual basis for a policy review.

In Singapore, most people would have gotten one or two policies. It could be a hospitalisation plan, an endowment plan from insurance companies/banks/post office, personal accident plan etc.

However, more often than not, the policies are stored somewhere. Either in a room, or together with a stack of unread letters or might have been thrown away accidentally.

Are your policies kept in a proper file with a policy summary done up?

Or are they in a big mess? Still in its envelopes?

Many people have a misconception about having a policy review done up and I do not blame them for thinking this way.

Whenever I request for a chance to meet up for a policy review, it is normal to have the thought that ‘She just wants to sell me something.’ Most common replies I have received is ‘I am not interested or I have bought a lot of policies already.’

Even before I was a financial adviser, I had the same view as well. Always linking policy review to sales. It was also because no one told me the importance of a policy review. To be honest, I have rejected financial advisers who approached me because at that point of time I was paying a pretty huge sum of money on a monthly basis for a endowment plan which I felt was a burden to me.

Let’s get to the main gist of the post today.

5 Reasons Why a Policy Review is Important

(Note: You do not have to wait for your adviser to contact you for a review. You can ask them for a review as well. :))

1) To ensure that the policies are still inforced.

Along the way, we might have received letters from Insurance companies which we might ignore. It could be letters on unsuccessful giro deductions due to insufficients funds etc. Payment via credit card might be unsuccessful due to insufficient funds or due to expiry date on the card, so it is always important to meet up to ensure policy is still active.

2) To update any change of address/contact number.

As I was reviewing some of my clients’ policies, I realise that some have shifted house but they did not inform their agent of the change. Hence, the letters were still mailed to their previous house.

3) To refresh your memory on what you are insured

Insurance is not something that is always at the back of your mind. Along the way you might forget what policies you have bought or what you are insured. I have clients who contact me frequently to check if they are able to claim for certain things and I am very thankful that to them, I am not only a financial adviser but a friend as well. Sometimes, while using Facebook, I will see friends who post about them getting injured etc and I will remind them that if they have a personal accident plan,  they can actually file for claims.

4) To ensure the agent is still in the industry and that you can still find him/her when you need help

Insurance industry has a high turnover rate and residents have told me that their policies have been passed on to several agents already. Therefore, it is always important to know that your agent is still in the industry so that someone is monitoring your policies for you and that if emergency happen, you have someone you trust that can be there for you to guide you on the procedures.

5) To ensure that any shortfall which were not previously done up are being done.

I always tell my friends and clients who do not have much income that Financial planning is a lifelong journey. They might not have a lot of budget to do up a whole life plan now but they can do up a term plan to protect themselves. Having some form of protection is better than having none at all.

Hope this post is helpful. 🙂

Feel free to contact me at 81029976 for a complimentary policy review or if there is anything you feel it will be good for me to share on my blog.

Have a great week everyone! ❤

Benefits of Medishield Life and IP

PrintToday, I would like to share about Medishield Life. Something that everyone have been paying for every year but are not aware of what it is.

Medishield Life is a government initiation to help Singaporeans and PR cope with rising medical bills.

I was sharing with my clients and friends about the limitation of Medishield Life, they were really taken aback by the limitations as they thought having Medishield Life was sufficient.

Ever since the enhancement of Medishield to Medishield Life, many are wondering if they should cancel the Integrated Private plan as they are afraid it will be a duplicate.

The enhancement of Medishield to Medishield Life commenced last year November 2015. Singaporeans or PR need not do anything for this upgrade to be done.

As shown by the above table, there are a lot of restrictions. As long as any part of the bill exceed the limit, cash or medisave will be required.

Do you have enough medisave to cover the hospitalisation bills and even chemotherapy?Even if you have, medisave usage has its limits too. Not all of the medisave can be used to pay for hospitalisation bills.

Will you rather pay a known amount to cover an unknown amount or to pay an unknown amount that can range from $10k to even $100k?

A question for you to think about today.

This upgrade is subjected to medical underwriting and declaration of any pre-existing conditons which means that not everyone is eligible for it.

If you are unsure if you have done the upgrade, do feel free to contact me at 81029976 so that I may assist you in this.